You Guys Rock!


goAfrica is an online B2B marketplace that enables buyers and suppliers worldwide to trade with buyers and suppliers within Africa. The platform is designed to offer businesses in Africa and their trading partners in Asia and Europe an intuitive and accessible portal as well as an array of services, including payments, escrow, and logistics, to facilitate this trade.

goAfrica were introduced to Ascent Software in early 2018 by Objective for assistance in getting back on track for an April 2018 launch. The first part of the project was meant to address a number of critical issues, which were threatening to postpone the April launch. Needless to say, the deadline was achieved and the April launch was a huge success on all counts.

The second part of the project involves a rewrite of the platform on a new architecture, and this is on track too.

The team at goAfrica are impressed by what the Ascent team has delivered to date. This is best represented by what Chris Ampofo, CTO at goAfrica had to say:

“Our view is that you guys rock!

Delivery and communication have been great with daily updates at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.

I believe we are scheduled to go live this week and your team has added more resources to make sure this happens without our prompting and it is within the same budget”